Announcing v1.0 of the Open Source WX alpha360 erps

In the third week of August 2017 we are going to release v1.0 of the Open Source WX alpha360 erp.

The Open Source version includes:
1. The full alpha360 WX analysis [identical to the WX commercial version]
2. Limited set of BPs (Business Processes)
3. Limited set of UI (Screens, Pages, UI code) 

It now includes - by popular demand - both a WINDEV and a WEBDEV configuration.

So you can "test" BOTH the WINDEV and WEBDEV applications and if you need the complete functionality you can order the WX commercial version.
Note that we have extended our introductory offer, until the end of August 2017, so you can have more time to make your decision.

We have also published a roadmap for the project on our website
Just don't forget to refresh your web browser so you can see the new info.

the alpha360 team


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