alpha360 core erp for WINDEV and WEBDEV is NOW available !!!!

We just made available v1.0 of the alpha360 core erp [WINDEV and WEBDEV versions] to all our commercial subscribers.

Next week we are going to publish v1.0 of the Open Source version.

We have decided to include both WINDEV and WEBDEV configurations in the WX Open Source version, so more developers can have the opportunity to see and appreciate (?) the product.

Just note that the Open Source version will have LIMITED capabilities and the "terms of use" will not allow you to distribute code and sell it to your customers. With the Open Source version, you can only distribute and get paid for BINARIES (or compiled applications).

At first, we had decided to publish WINDEV and WEBDEV DEMOs of the product, for anyone who wanted to evaluate the commercial versions. But because of various "hacking scenarios" we had second thoughts ...

So as soon as we post the Open Source version, download it, install it and take a closer look. If you are interested, you have until the end of August 2017, for the special offer.

Until the end of August 2017, it will be 299 euros and after that it will go up to 1.299 euros.

We have also published a roadmap for the project on our website

Just don't forget to refresh your web browser so you can see the new info.

the alpha360 team


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