v.041 of the alpha360 erp is ready for download

WINDEV Project

alpha360erp DEMO exe

We have sent download links to all the WEB subcsribers.
If you haven't received the links, send us an email and we will resent it.

This version has fixes for all the reported bugs _and_ we have also added ALL the CRM entities in the analysis.
Full CODE functionality for the CRM module will be posted, after we complete the Inventory, Purchases, Expenses and and Sales modules.

**** Delete your previous Data ****
Don't forget to delete your previous data and uninstall the previous DEMO exe.

**** New Documentation ****
We where going to introduce a NEW website for the alpha360 erp documentation this week.
Because of the earthquakes in our area, it will have to wait ...
We will do an announcement as soon as we are ready.

**** Next Version ****
The next version will be v0.5 and it will have Purchases, Expenses and Inventory.
We will post it November 15, 2016.
Please note that we are doing Purchases etc before Sales.
Sales will follow in v0.6

Steven Sitas


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