v0.5 of the alpha360 ERP - [WD PRO] - is ready for download

We have just released version 0.5 of the alpha360 ERP - WINDEV PRO version.
If you haven't received the email with the download link, please look at your spam folder or send us an email.

This is the commercial version - NOT the Open Source version.
We will announce availabilty of the Open Source version in a couple of days.

What's in this version:

Parties - Customers, Suppliers and Employees.

Inventory - Products, Product Families [supporting Colors and Sizes] and Product Packaging, Inventory Transactions, Period and Fiscal Year SUM tables, FIFO and LIFO Cost tables, Average Costs per period tables, Lot Number and Serial Number tables.

Accounting – Accounts, Journals, Batches and Period and Fiscal Year SUM tables.

Purchases and Expenses 

Quotes, Orders, Shipments, Invoices, Return Shipments, Credit Invoices etc. [can handle items (products) and expenses in the same document].
Support for transforming say Orders to Shipments [the UI /BPs/datamodels, can handle partly and multiple transformations].

New Dimension tables
Accounting and Inventory Periods – they can be different.
Numbering Series – they auto number your documents and Journals.
Business Objects – they are the BRAIN of the system and control the workflow and the postings to various Journals.

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