v0.7 of the alpha360 ERPs are ready for download - [WD PRO] and [Open Source]

We have just released version 0.7 of the alpha360 ERPs - WINDEV PRO and Open Source versions.
If you haven't received the email with the announcement of the PRO version, please look at your spam folder or send us an email.

Download instructions: go to www.alpha360.biz, click on COMMUNITY, LOGIN to your account and select WINDEV PRO or Open Source from the side menu.

What's included in this version:
Parties (
Customers, Suppliers and Employees), Products and Inventory, GL Accounting, Purchases and Expenses (with posting to GL), A/P Payments (with posting to GL), Sales (only wholesales in this version).

The Open Source version does not include all the functionality of the PRO version.
Here is a complete list of planned features: http://www.alpha360.biz/editions.html

Changes and Fixes:
1. The WD version used from the beginning a Browser/Form UI "paradigm".
Due to a couple of "bugs" in our UI code and WD21, we had to have 2 different forms for every table or object. One was named WIF_xxx [a simple window] and the other was named IWF_xxx [an Internal window].
We have "fixed" the "bugs" that caused these problems and from v0.7 there is no need for this duality. With the new code we only need ONE window - the IWF_xxx named window.
Please note that we haven't eliminated the use of the double form technique in this version. But this is going to happen as we go towards version 1.0 so check your code ...
A complete implementation of the new UI code can be found in the IWB_BusinessObjects window/procedure.

2. Fixed a "bug" affecting Windows installations where the size of text was set to 125% or more.

3. Minor changes to the analysis/database models for international users.

Next update:
WD 0.8 version with the complete Sales functionality, including the RETAIL POS for the WD PRO edition.

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