v0.9 of the alpha360 ERPs are ready for download - COMMERCIAL versions

WX alpha360 erp [commercial] - v0.9

A single WX project (v21) that includes Windows and WEB configurations.

Download Instructions: go to www.alpha360.biz, click on COMMUNITY, LOGIN to your account and select WINDEV PRO or WEBDEV PRO from the side menu.

What's new:
1. A single WX project, now includes both the WINDEV and WEBDEV applications.
These applications (or configurations) share the Analysis, the Business Processes, the Queries and the Reports. 

2. New documentation site is now live - go to www.alpha360.biz for the link.

3. Updated and enhanced the UI for the WINDEV and the WEBDEV configurations.

4. Deleted ALL WIF.* windows/procedures from the WINDEV configuration - they are not need anymore with the new UI implementation.

5. Pages have now LESS css and we stopped using and downloading google fonts.

5. Recreated ALL windows and pages in the configurations. They are now "more identical" for developers(code) and the end users.

What's missing:
Due to massive changes in their structure, most WEBDEV pages - from the previous WEBDEV implementations - where DELETED from this version.
They will be re-added in v0.95 -  available in 2 weeks.

In the meantime you can use the parties and the products functionality, in the WEBDEV implementation, to check the UI.

Next major update - v1.0:
This version will include the final WINDEV and WEBDEV commercial implementations.

Next update for the OpenSource version - v1.0:
The OpenSource version (v1.0) will be available after we post v1.0 of the commercial versions.

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