Getting ready for v0.2

We are cleaning our documentation and getting ready to post version 0.2 of the Open Source ERP - our first major post after v0.1.

Version 0.2 will have:

  • the complete Data Model and Business Processes for Parties
  • the complete Data Model and Business Processes for Products (items, services etc.)
  • the complete UI interface code - and in the support area you will find documentation on how you can use it in the ERP _and_ your own LOB applications.
  • the alpha360 erp v0.2 application installation - so users who don't have v21 of WINDEV can play with the application and see it live.

We have also made it a lot easier to Order - just go to <Order> from the main menu - and select your edition.

And a last note - a lot of people asked us to "do things quicker". So we are speeding things up and planning to post the core erp before February 2017.



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