We are LIVE !!!

You can now create an account and access the alpha360 erp project. Depending on the number of active users, we may have some problems with our cloud infrastructure, from time to time. The good thing is that it is based on Microsoft Azure, so we can add resources as we need them.

We would like to thank all the WX developers who wrote to us and gave us their ideas and support for the project and of course for their patience.

At first we tried to find a "ready solution" to support the project. We soon found out, that it would be too difficult to implement on top of a "ready solution" and keep the cost within our budget. Especially since we wanted to have free access for unlimited users. So instead we "built" our own WEB app to support the project and this was really tough. But this is another story ...

So register for free, take a look around the site, download the first version of the ERP, send us your comments and when you are ready and think this is for your, then select and purchase an edition that fits your needs

The project may not be for you and we don't want anybody grumbling ...



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