Is alpha360 erps only for ERP developers?

Absolutely not.
Even if you don’t develop erps, the project has code and techniques any WINDEV developer can use in their own LOBs - Line of Business applications.
You may not have heard of it yet, but LOBs are one of fastest growing sectors in the Industry - and WINDEV is the best tool to develop them.

An example of this type of code is our simple and powerful UI – you can find it in the project and use it in your applications.
Notifying and refreshing windows, Querying, Web Services, Dash Boards etc. are among things covered in the project. They are fully documented and subscribers to the STANDARD and BUSINESS editions also get full support.

Think of the project as a live WINDEV magazine in English - starting from just 99 euros !!!

Don’t forget to view our new video- showing the full UI - on our YouTube channel.



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