Here are answers to some questions we received

Is the FULL project available to download now?
- Nope. We will be releasing a functional area of the erp, every month.

Why isn’t it available for FULL download now?
- We want to deliver it as a course, with full documentation and at the same time offer support to our subscribers. It would be impossible for us to deliver it in any other way.

Can I see something of the FULL product, a demo or video?
- Yes, you can find a 20 minute video, on our website, showing our implementation of the project, for the Greek SB market.

Can I participate in the project?
- Yes, we just released information for 3rd party developers on our site.

When will the WEB implementation be available?
- It will be available to BUSINESS 2017 subscribers, July 2017

What technology does the WEB implementation use?

I want to get one of the commercial editions now, and get the special introductory price, but what you are showing is not enough for me. What can you do about it?
- We are going to release v0.2 of the project September 15, 2016. Our plan was to release it at the end of September but we are now working harder. Take a look at the code, read the course and you will have all the time to decide if this is for you.

Will you extend the special introductory prices?
- No, that would not be fair to everybody who has already bought the subscriptions.

How many WX developers where interested in the project?
- Last time we checked - 28.8.2016 – we had over 120 registrations.



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