Compiled v0.3 DEMO installation available

Since many developers do not have v21 of WINDEV, we have created a setup for a DEMO v0.3 installation. Anybody can now test the application.

If you don't have a v21 HFSQL C/S installed on your machine or your internal network, select the Classic HFSQL [Demo] company _and_ if you are going to test the document area, create a c:\temp directory on your PC. We didn't want to automatically create any directories for this DEMO, for obvious security reasons ...

Select the Administrator area from the left menu and add your basic dimension records. Since these are Simple Browses and do NOT have independent forms to add data, they work directly from the tables.
To Add a record Click [+], to Edit a record Click [the pencil] so the tables will allow editing etc.

After that you can go on and Add/Edit/Delete Products and Parties ...

Don't forget to change the UI for the application and see how things work.
Click the [User picture] in the Bottom Left area of your screen and you will see the User Interface selection combo.

Here is a link to the v0.3 DEMO installation. 



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