Controlling user access in alpha360 erp

Controlling user access in alpha360 erp

User access in alpha360 erp is implemented with the BO <UserRole> - all users belong to a user Role.

For every functional area [CRM, Accounting, Sales etc] in the erp, a user Role can have one of the following access rights:

None [cannot access the functional area]
Simple User [has access to the functional area]
Full User [has access to the functional area _and_ has access to the Dimensions supporting the functional area]
Head of ... [FULL ACCESS + all permissions needed from users are directed to these users]

The above access is “verified” through System Processes, tied to the MENU system.

But this is not the end of the Story ….

For every user Role, you can DENY ACCESS to various actions on BO or TABLES. This is done through the entries in the table uRole_Deny [available in commercial editions only].

And if you are CRAZY about security – and using HFSQL C/S - you can implement, on top of the above security, database level security and BPs will catch them.



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