The User Interface Elements

The alpha360 erp User Interface is based on the Browse/Form paradigm.

Every Business Object[BO] is presented in a Browse Window- this window is always an internal window, has one or more tables and starts with IWB.

Example: IWB_Parties is the Browse Window for the BO <Party>.

Every Browse Window "belongs" to one of the menu entries and is handled automatically by Dynamic Tab Controls. 

You just need to do a simple call : 360_DynamicInterface(e_DynamicWindow), where e_DynamicWindow is the ONLY structure we use to pass variables to windows [see below].

For each Browse there are 2 Form Windows, used for the actual data entry, IWF_* and WIF_* windows. IWF_* are internal windows and WIF_* are simple windows.

Example: IWF_Party and WIF_Party are used for the BO <Party>.
IWF_* is an internal window and WIF_* is a simple window. They share the same fields and 99% of the code and it depends on the user’s choice of the UI, which one is actually used by the interface.

Forms are processed by the a360_OpenWindow() procedure, which passes them to
360_DynamicInterface() or calls WINDEVs Open()/OpenSister() procedures [depending on the users UI].

Simple Browses
Every Simple Business Object[BO] is handled with only a Simple Browse Window and NO other window forms.

Example: IWB_Industries is the Simple Browse Window for the BO <Industry>.

The ST a360_DynamicWindow Structure
In alpha360 erp, we pass to all windows a ST_a360_DynamicWindow Structure.

What the windows does with this variable/structure, is up to the window ....

You can find more information about the structure in the project code.


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