What is a Business object[BO] in alpha360 erp?

What is a Business object[BO] in alpha360 erp?

In its simplest form, it just “represents” a record in a table.

Example: The Business Object <Country> represents a record from the gCountry table.

In its complex form, it can represent MANY related records from many different tables.

Example: The Business Object <Party> represents related records from the gParty, sCustomer, pSupplier and hEmployee tables. 

Another complex example is the <Invoice> Business Object, which will be introduced in later versions.

In alpha360erp, all access to Business Objects, is done through Business Processes[BP].

So for say the complex BO <Party> there are the following self-explanatory BPs:





And for simple BOs like say the <Industry> BO there are simpler BPs:



All the _quick BPs use WINDEV tables as the main interface to add or delete records AND don’t require a WINDEV FORM/WINDOW.

Please note that there are NO _quickedit BPs, because they are handled by the WINDEV tables.

The main idea here is that we NEVER use any kind of HReadSeekFirst[] etc, ANYWARE in the project, EXCEPT in the code for BPs.

BPs include transaction handling, error handling and user access handling _AND_ they are shared with the WEBDEV implementation.

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